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Rainbow PRIDE Crosswalk

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the nation.  It is a very diverse city in many ways.  Members of the San Antonio LGBT Community pondered ways in which color, art, and identity could converge in our public spaces to show a defined space that was welcoming to LGBTQ+ people and the community in general.  There is a variety of public art to be found throughout San Antonio.  But there was nothing that was uniquely LGBTQ+ in nature. 

Meeting of the Minds

Several brainstorming sessions were held in which activists met with District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino to discuss ideas and community sentiment.  Councilman Trevino decided to draft a proposal to the city to request city assistance with having some type of public art installed along North Main Avenue which has been unofficially the heart of the LGBT+ community in San Antonio for decades.  

Trial Run

District 1 City Councilman Roberto Trevino arranged for community members to temporarily place a rainbow chalk crosswalk at the intersection of North Main and Evergreen.  

Official Filing

On June 16, 2017 Councilman Trevino drafted a City of San Antonio Office of City Council Council Consideration Request that requested to officially place the Pride Crosswalk proposal on the City Council Agenda.  In the request he stated that "the Main Street Strip has been the center of the LGBT community in San Antonio for decades.  It is home to many LGBT businesses and the site of the annual Pride Parade."  He also went on to say that "the addition of this crosswalk will affirm that San Antonio is  that the project would promote LGBT inclusion, and be the "important message we want to send in this political climate."

Pledge Your Support

The San Antonio Community is raising funds to complete the Rainbow PRIDE Permanent Crosswalk that has been authorized by the City of San Antonio as a joint venture between the City and the Community.  The City is funding one-half of the cost of the Rainbow Pride Crosswalk and the Community is funding the other half.  Please join us today in raising money for the installation of a Rainbow Crosswalk in the historic LGBT Neighborhood at Evergreen and North Main Avenue.  We need your help now to raise the much needed Community share of the Pride Crosswalk venture.  Encourage your friends to join and donate.  Once our goal is met we can begin construction on this historic art installation in our community.  

Risks and challenges

This Crosswalk will be a joint funded venture between the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio Community. Once the Crosswalk is installed we will need to help maintain it and keep it in good working condition. Your pledge is a donation to the cause.

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