Pride San Antonio was founded in 2004 as Gay Pride SA to provide a community Pride festival and celebration that was all inclusive with a focus of recognizing the contributions of the LGBT community in the San Antonio metropolitan area. Gay Pride SA was founded to facilitate the needs of individuals so that individuals can facilitate the needs of the community.
In 2008 Gay Pride SA began hosting a variety of LGBT charity sports events such as LGBT charity softball and bowling tournaments. Over the years teams expressed an interest in having an LGBT softball league in San Antonio and asked Pride SA if they would create one. In 2012 Pride San Antonio began exploring the possibility of creating an LGBT softball league and in Spring 2015 at Rusty Lyons Softball Complex in San Antonio the San Antonio Gay Softball League held its inaugural season.
In 2018 the San Antonio Gay Softball League would change its name and become the San Antonio Pride Softball League. That same year Pride SA launched the San Antonio Pride Women's Softball League. The San Antonio Pride Women's Softball League and the San Antonio Pride Softball League are official programs of Pride San Antonio along with other events such as the Pride Bigger Than Texas Festival and Parade and San Antonio QFest-LGBT International Film Festival .
While there will be wins, losses, and friendly competition, the primary goal of the league is to provide another outlet for everyone to show their support of the LGBTQ community.

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Come out, have a great time, and help San Antonio celebrate  PGBT softball...and much, much more! 
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